Wow! Exciting news! We bought a puzzle collection consisting of 87 used jigsaw puzzles on Craigslist. It was such a massive haul of puzzles that we could not fit all the puzzles in the car’s trunk. We even had to stack them in the back seat area and front passenger area.

Huge collection of 87 puzzles

The seller amassed the collection over a period of three years. Surprisingly, seller did a great job of taking care of the puzzles as most of the puzzle boxes are in good condition. As with buying used puzzle, there is no guarantee that all the pieces are there. Even though, the seller was confident that most of the puzzles are complete, there was no guarantee.

Essentially, there are almost 90,000 puzzle pieces in the puzzle collection. Majority of the puzzles are 1000 piece, dozen or so 750 piece, handful of 1500 piece, and a couple of 2000 piece. Furthermore, the puzzle collection spans a wide range of vendors, such as Ravensburger, Buffalo, White Mountain, Heye, Jumbo, and Eurographics.

We have bought used jigsaw puzzles on Craigslist before. However, this is by far the largest collection we have ever bought. Why did we buy the entire puzzle collection? Firstly, the seller did not want to sell individual puzzles as it was too much hassle. Secondly, the seller was offering a pretty good deal on the entire collection that it was hard to pass by. If interested, here are some tips to help you safely find and buy puzzles on Craigslist,

Next Steps

Our goal is to see how many of the 87 puzzles, we can finish in one year and how long it’ll take us to solve the entire puzzle collection. We’ll put up a full list of the 87 puzzles.

Leave us a comment, if there is a specific puzzle you would like for us to tackle. Happy puzzling.

Huge Puzzle Collection of 87 Puzzles
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One thought on “Huge Puzzle Collection of 87 Puzzles

  • April 8, 2021 at 3:32 am

    Hi there have you done Ravensburgers 1500 pc Vintage Paris? Thanks!


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