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The list of 2023’s most popular jigsaw puzzles is derived from analyzing over 19,000 submissions from the Reddit community r/jigsawpuzzle, the largest online jigsaw puzzle community. Approximately half of the puzzles on the 2023 list are new, not having appeared in prior years. The other half includes puzzles that have consistently remained popular over time, showcasing their enduring appeal. In 2023’s most popular jigsaw puzzles list, themes that gained popularity were cutaways and nostalgia. However, the primary criterion for a puzzle’s popularity remains its illustration: the brighter, more vivid, and more beautiful, the better received it is among fans.

How The List Was Made

All valid submissions on r/jigsawpuzzle were collected from January 2023 to November 2023. Valid submissions must have identifiable puzzle brand, title, and number of pieces. A puzzle was considered qualified if it had a minimum of six unique valid submissions. Duplicate submissions were discarded. The ranking was determined by the total number of valid submissions, weighted by the average likes received for each qualified puzzle. For prior years’ list of most popular jigsaw puzzles, check out 2022, 2021, and 2020.

50 Paperblanks, Firebird - Bird of Happiness, 1000pcs

Firebird – Birds of Happiness

Paperblanks (Hachette), 1000 pieces

First time that Paperblanks has made this list. One fan succinctly summarized this puzzle, "a fun, quick moving puzzle with really beautiful colours." Numerous fans "thoroughly enjoyed" it.

49 Paperblanks, Humming Dragon, 1000pcs

Humming Dragon

Paperblanks (Hachette), 1000 pieces

Fans were stunned by the "vibrant colours", "bright foil", and "amazing illustration". "Nice quality", "good texture", but a few false fits. Overall, a "lovely surprise."

48 Chronicle Books, Lego Paint Party, 1000pcs

Lego Paint Party

Chronicle Books, 1000 pieces

Most fans mentioned that the puzzle has "blue, blue and more blue", which made it a bit more challenging than expected. Overall, "bright colorful puzzle that was fun to build."

47 Magic Puzzle Company, The Happy Isles, 1000pcs

The Happy Isles

Magic Puzzle Company, 1000 pieces

"So much fun!" This puzzle doesn’t get as much praise as Mystic Maze, but has its own "uniqueness" and "lots of hidden details." Once you’ve done one Magic Puzzle you’ll want to "get more of their puzzles."

46 Magic Puzzle Company, The Puzzled Patron, 1000pcs

The Puzzled Patron

Magic Puzzle Company, 1000 pieces

Fans are impressed with Magic Puzzle Company puzzles, especially for their "fabulous", detailed illustration and "spoiler ending." This puzzle continues with that tradition and several fans think it may have the "best ending" and is " SUPER dope."

45 eeBoo, English Cottage, 1000pcs

English Cottage

eeBoo, 1000 pieces

Artwork by Victoria Ball. It is cute, "pretty easy to do and very enjoyable." However, there were mixed reviews on the quality with some folks noting not as good as before.

44 Galison, Afternoon Tea, 500pcs

Afternoon Tea

Galison, 500 pieces

"Quick and easy" with a "cute" illustration for a "satisfying" finish. Overall, "decent quality" with a few false fits. Artwork by Victoria Ball.

43 Laurence King Publishing, The World of Dracula, 1000pcs

The World of Dracula

Laurence King Publishing (Hachette), 1000 pieces

Fans adore the fascinating illustration of scenes from the book, Dracula. Several fans warn that the "the sky and clouds are the hard part." Lastly, quality of the puzzle will vary depending where it is made, i.e. Netherlands better, China lower.

42 White Mountain, Readers Paradise, 1000pcs

Readers Paradise

White Mountain, 1000 pieces

"This one was really enjoyable", "challenging" but "rewarding." "There are just enough distinctive areas" to get some large areas done easily, but "some similar sections for an added challenge."

41 Ravensburger, Goldilocks Get Caught!, 1000pcs

Goldilocks Get Caught!

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Artwork by Dean MacAdam. Fans provided numerous feedback on how "super fun" it was. Several where awed by "lots of colors" and ease of "flow and rhythm" to solve it.

40 Buffalo Games, Eevee's Stained Glass, 2000pcs

Eevee’s Stained Glass

Buffalo Games, 2000 pieces

If you are a Pokemon fan, then this puzzle is for you. Illustration is of Eevee and its eight possible evolutions. Fans said it was "super fun", while others mentioned that there were false fits.

39 Ravensburger, Forgotten Arcade, 1000pcs

Forgotten Aracade

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Part of the Abandoned series which depicts places that have long been neglected. Puzzlers warned that it is challenging because "the puzzle is darker than the box image."

38 Lego Minifigure Faces, Chronicle Books, 1000 pcs

Lego Minifigure Faces

Chronicle Books, 1000 pieces

Probably the hardest Lego puzzle out there. Some consider it a "form of torture." Will require a deep well of patience and not be "intimidated" by yellow.

37 Ravensburger, Krypt Pink, 654pcs

Krypt Pink

Ravensburger, 654 pieces

A "rewarding" experience for those that complete a Krypt challenge. The hot pink is not for everyone, while the Krypt Silver has a similar design.

36 Elena Essex, Rainbow Kingdom, 1000pcs

Rainbow Kingdom

Elena Essex, 1000 pieces

This puzzle retain its strong demand with "gorgeous"and "wonderful illustration." Some fans think sorting the piece is therapeutic.

35 Buffalo Games, Cinque Terre, 1000pcs

Cinque Terre

Buffalo Games, 1000 pieces

A "good mix of repetitive parts, like the sea, sky, and rocks, and variety, such as the houses and boats." One fan mentioned that it seems almost every puzzler has a version of this puzzle in their collection. Available in 300, 1000, and 2000 pieces.

34 Gradient, Cloudberries, 2000 pcs


Cloudberries, 1000 pieces

Another perennial favorite. A "fun and challenging" puzzle. Most folks think yellow/green are the hardest part.

33 Springbok, Gamer's Trove, 1000pcs

Gamer’s Trove

Springbok, 1000 pieces

Most sentiments are similar to "easy puzzle, random cuts, but it’s appreciated." Fans also mentioned Springbok’s quality has improved. Also available in 550 pieces from Majestic Puzzles, which is owned by Springbok

32 White Mountain, American Diner, 1000pcs

American Diner

White Mountain, 1000 pieces

Nothing complicated or too challenging . Simple, "fun and easy to put together!" One fan said, "hugely enjoyable thanks to all the texture & colors."

31 White Mountain, The 1980's, 1000pcs

The 1980’s

White Mountain, 1000 pieces

A "nice assortment of nostalgia" from the 1980s. Some folks warn that this is a vertical vs landscape puzzle, so can be hard on the neck. Another person thought it was a travesty that George Michael was not included.

30 Ravensburger, Disney Pixar Toy Store, 1000pcs

Diseny Pixar Toy Store

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Fans raved about the artwork as it contains several of their favorite Pixar and Disney characters in great setting versus a typical mishmash collage. "Fun", "love", and "favorites" were frequent words used to describe the puzzle.

29 Laurence King Publishing, The Mythical World, 1000pcs

The Mythical World

Laurence King Publishing (Hachette), 1000 pieces

Several fans mentioned that the water may seem tricky, but the border area is actually more challenging. "Lovely details" and "amazingly fun!"

28 Potter, Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth, 1000pcs

The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth

Potter, 500 pieces

Artwork by Rachel Ignotofsky. A "fun puzzle with wonderful illustrations" that is simple and joy to complete.

27 National Parks, Cavallini and Co, 1000 pcs

National Parks

Cavallini and Co, 1000 pieces

An "easy" and "relaxing" puzzle to solve. Vintage/retro poster of US national parks. Unfortunately, not all national parks are on the illustration, such as the ones in Hawaii and recently established parks.

26 Rainbow Hand, Galison, 750 pcs

Rainbow Hands

Galison, 750 pieces

A perennial fan favorite. Has rebounded from prior year’s gradient craze. Overall, fans "love" this "gorgeous", uniquely shaped design and quality.

25 Ravensburger, The Secret Garden, 1000pcs

The Secret Garden

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

There are numerous fans of Demelsa Haughton’s artwork and this is no exception. "Adorable", "very cute design, nice colors." "All that green" made it a bit challenging. If not familiar with Ravensburger, they have great fit, but "quite a bit of dust."

24 Ravensburger, Krypt Silver, 654pcs

Krypt Silver

Ravensburger, 654 pieces

Krypt puzzles are a perennial favorites for its difficulty. Krypt Silver has appeared on these lists for the past three years. If up for a challenge, then this is for you. Don’t feel bad if you need to use the chart to solve it, many people have.

23 Map of the Universe, Ravensburger, 1500 pcs

Map of the Universe

Ravensburger, 1500 pieces

Fans recommend to focus on the rings, else it will be a long slog to finish the puzzle. Overwhelming feedback is that the puzzle is "challenging" and "awesome."

22 Ravensburger, Planetary Vision, 1000pcs

Planetary Vision

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

The stars are beautiful and "so challenging." Overall, most said this puzzle was more challenging than it looks. Some even bailed on the puzzle as not enjoyable.

21 White Mountain, The 1990's, 1000pcs

The 1990’s

White Mountain, 1000 pieces

If looking for a bit of 1990’s nostalgia, then this puzzle is for you. Fans that grew up during that time had fun trying to "identify every person/event."

20 eeBoo, Cats at Work, 1000pcs

Cats at Work

eeBoo, 1000 pieces

"Fun, colorful" puzzle. Lots of fans posed their cat with the puzzle, so probably a good puzzle for cat lovers? One person mentioned that the interlocking is less than desired.

19 Houseplant Jungle, Galison, 1000 pcs

Houseplant Jungle

Galison, 1000 pieces

"Fun and challenging" with a "beautiful design." Looks difficult, but some believe it is easier than it looks, especially if time was spent well sorting.

18 Ravensburger, Disney Collector's Edition Winnie the Pooh, 1000pcs

Disney Collector’s Edition Winnie the Pooh

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

"Cute", "bright" and "fun" are what fans like about this puzzle. A fan favorite from 2022’s list that continues to gain popularity.

17 eeBoo, Alchemist's Cabinet, 1000pcs

Alchemist’s Cabinet

eeBoo, 1000 pieces

A fan favorite on 2022’s list continues to garner praises of "love" for the puzzle. The artwork by Vasilia Romaneko is full of whimsical details that makes the puzzle "so much fun."

16 Reign of Dragon, Ravensburger, 3000 pcs

Reign of Dragons

Ravensburger, 3000 pieces

Magnificent fantasy themed puzzle that will take over your puzzle space. Make sure there is ample room for it. Fans say it is "satisfying" and "love it", while some warn that the "trees were frustrating."

15 Ravensburger, The Artist's Desk, 1000pcs

The Artist’s Desk

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Fans mentioned that the puzzle is "surprisingly fun and easy!" However, the shadowy part of the puzzle is darker than the puzzle box’s image and fans recommend using good lighting while doing the puzzle.

14 Laurence King Publishing, The World of Jane Austen, 1000pcs

The World of Jane Austen

Laurence King Publishing (Hachette), 1000 pieces

This puzzle continues to climb in popularity with fans praising its "gorgeous image" and how "enjoyable" it is. However, several puzzlers warned that the version printed in China is of lower quality.

13 Chronicle Books, Lego Minifigure, 1000pcs

Lego Minifigure

Chronicle Books, 1000 pieces

This puzzle has risen up from 2022’s ranking with more positive reviews. "Fun" was the most common word used to describe the puzzle. Less challenging than Lego Minifigure Faces.

12 Ravensburger, Gradient Cascade, 1027pcs

Gradient Cascade

Ravensburger, 1027 pieces

Numerous mixed reviews for this puzzle from Karen Puzzle. Many liked the concept of a "puzzle within a puzzle" that has "unique cuts." However, many thought the artwork was "boring" and the colors were "muted" and not as brilliant as other gradient style puzzles.

11 eeBoo,The Alchemist's Home, 1000pcs

The Alchemist’s Home

eeBoo, 1000 pieces

Fans of Vasilisa Romanenko’s other puzzle, Alchemist’s Cabinet, will get a kick out of this illustration as the cabinet is also featured in this puzzle. Puzzlers "enjoyed" the "glossy" puzzle and did not have much dust.

10 Ravensburger, Disney Vintage Movie Posters, 1000pcs

Disney Vintage Movie Posters

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Collage of classic Disney movie posters. Fans mentioned the puzzle is "quite easy", "fast to complete", and "enjoyable" for 1000 pieces.

9 Big Potato Games, Night at the Movies, 1000pcs

Night at the Movies

Big Potato Games, 1000 pieces

A puzzle within a puzzle. There are 101 movies referenced in the illustration. Several fans had more "fun" trying to find the 101 movies than putting the puzzle together. Others wished the interlocking was better.

8 Buffalo Games, Frederick the Literate, 750pcs

Frederick the Literate

Buffalo Games, 750 pieces

"A perfect puzzle" for cat lovers. This puzzle has finally broken into the top 50 after hovering just below it the past few years. Artwork by Charles Wysocki.

7 Ravensburger, Puzzles on Puzzles, 3000pcs

Puzzles on Puzzles

Ravensburger, 3000 pieces

A meta puzzle by Karen Puzzles. Upfront advice from puzzlers are to make sure you have "enough space" to work on the puzzle and do an "in-depth sort by colors." Most sentiment was that it was "rewarding" to accomplish but "brutal."

6 Dowdle, Costco, 1000pcs

Costco, The Treasure Hunt

Dowdle, 1000 and 500 pieces

If you are a fan of Costco, then this puzzle is for you. The image is very "busy" and "detailed", which could be a challenge. One fan mentioned it was "way more fun than expected." Others mentioned that the interlocking of the pieces is somewhat loose. Also available in 500 pieces.

5 Ravensburger, The Cosy Shed, 1000pcs

The Cosy Shed

Ravensburger, 1000 and 500 pieces

Artwork by Steve Read. The puzzle is an "absolute treat" and makes you "want to hang out there." Also available in 500pcs, called Cozy Retreat from Ravensburger.

4 Krypt Gradient, Ravensburger, 631pcs

Krypt Gradient

Ravensburger, 631 pieces

For puzzlers intimated by the solid color Krypts than this puzzle is "easier than you think." Fans proclaimed, it is the "easiest krypt" and "beautiful."

3 If Fish Could Walk, Ravensburger, 2000 pcs

If Fish Could Walk

Ravensburger, 2000 pieces

A fan favorite from 2021 bounces back to take a higher spot on the 2023 list. Fans proclaimed the puzzle is "challenging", "incredibly satisfying" with "lots of detail" that is appropriate for 2000 pieces.

2 Magic Puzzle Company, The Mystic Maze, 1000pcs

The Mystic Maze

Magic Puzzle Company, 1000 pieces

This puzzle continues to live up to the "hype." While it has slipped one spot from 2022’s list, fans find it "adorable". "so much fun", and worth "doing it again."

1 Ravensburger, Most Everyone Is Mad by Dean MacAdam, 1000pcs

Most Everyone Is Mad

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

A puzzle that is "loved" by numerous fans. This "fun" and "colorful" interpenetration of Alice in Wonderland by artist, Dean MacAdam, continues to be extremely popular. This puzzle was second on 2022’s list.

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2023’s Most Popular Jigsaw Puzzles

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