Beachcombers, 750 piece cat jigsaw puzzle, is part of Buffalo Games’ Cats Collection and features a family of cats enjoying a day at the beach. A fun, adorable, and moderately challenging puzzle to solve.

750 piece cat jigsaw puzzle, Beachcombers
Completed Beachcombers, 750 piece cat jigsaw puzzle

Title: Beachcombers
Pieces: 750
Artist: Steve Read
Size: 24in x 18in or 61cm x 46cm
Company: Buffalo Games
Year Printed: ?

This is our fourth puzzle from Buffalo Game’s Cats Collection and fifth 750 piece puzzle. Similar to other illustrations in the Cats Collection, the cats are playful and adorable. The illustration resonated with us not just with the experience of spending a lazy day at the beach, but specifically with the beach towel. We have a beach towel that is very similar to the one in the illustration.

Beachcombers, time lapse video of puzzle build

The strategy we used for Beachcombers was to sort the sky, ocean, tropical drink, and red bucket first as those had distinctive colors. The next sort was focused on areas with distinctive patterns, such as the inflatables, beach towel, book, and sun screen bottle. The sand and cats were sorted and solved last as those area had the most repetitive patterns, thus making it more challenging than the other areas.


For a 750 piece jigsaw puzzles, Beachcombers is on the moderately challenging side. The cats took the longest to solve. Have to give credit to Steve Read, for creating such life-like and playful illustrations of cats. The pattern on the cat’s fur is hard to discern as a small puzzle piece. Overall, it took three and a half people, two hours and thirty five minutes (2:34:55) to complete the puzzle. Unfortunately, we did not time the other Cats Collection puzzles illustrated by Steve Read.

Lastly, Beachcombers, 750 cat jigsaw puzzle, is our 32nd puzzle from the 87 puzzle collection. Leave us a comment if there are any other 750 piece cat puzzles that you would want us to review.

750 Piece Cat Jigsaw Puzzle | Beachcombers
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