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Updated: 2021’s list of best jigsaw puzzle is out.

Updated: List refreshed with November data resulting in ranks changing and seven new puzzles added to the best jigsaw puzzles list.

Curious what the best jigsaw puzzles of 2020 are? Well you’ve come to the right place. We went to the largest online community for jigsaw puzzle fans located on Reddit, r/jigsawpuzzles. There, members can submit their jigsaw puzzles and also vote for puzzle submissions. We analyzed all the puzzle submissions to discover which puzzles are the most popular in 2020 so far.

30 Ravensburger, Puzzler's Palette, 1000pcs

Puzzler’s Palette

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

So meta! A puzzle of a puzzle. Fans like the picture and concept, but warn that it is a struggle and challenge to solve. It may seem like a gradient puzzle, but due to how the pieces are scattered, it is not.

29 Buffalo Games, Mandalorian: The Child, 500pcs

Mandalorian: The Child

Buffalo Games, 500 pieces

Riding on the popularity of Disney’s The Mandalorian show, this puzzle provides fan with satisfaction for the adorable baby Yoda. Fans state that puzzle is deceptively hard for a 500 piece puzzle.

28 Liberty Puzzles, Octopus, 495pcs


Liberty Puzzles, 495 pieces

Rated as an extremely difficult puzzle. This hand made wooden octopus shaped puzzle is itself a work of art with brilliant colors. Liberty puzzles are highly sought after by fans.

27 Piatnik, Musical Notes, 1000pcs

Musical Notes

Piatnik, 1000 pieces

Fans salute this puzzle as "complicated", "painful" and "fun." Having ability to read music will help, but not necessary. However, persistence is needed to finish.

26 Buffalo Games, Cinque Terre, 1000pcs

Cinque Terre

Buffalo Games, 2000 pieces

Cinque Terre is a picturesque village in Italy with colorfully painted terrace homes located on Mediterranean coast. Fans mention that the sea, sky, and left bottom corner are the hardest. Cinque Terre is also available in 1000 pieces from Buffalo and other brands.

25 Ravensburger, Beneath the Sea, 5000pcs

Beneath the Sea

Ravensburger, 5000 pieces

Fans praise the puzzle’s beauty, but caution that the "blue sea can drive you insane." Make sure you have a suitable working space for this very large puzzle that measures 60 x 40 inches (152 x 102 cm) when assembled.

24 Buffalo Games, You Were the Chosen One, 2000pcs

You Were the Chosen One

Buffalo Games, 2000 pieces

Do, or do not. There is no try. A cinematic feast for Star Wars fans that encompass the original and prequel trilogy.  Fans report it is a "beast", but "rewarding." The top corners are the hardest parts.

23 The Grand Tour, New York Puzzle Company, 1000 pcs

The Grand Tour

New York Puzzle Company, 1000 pieces

Based on NASA’s space tourism posters, Visions of the Future. Fans rave about the "super striking image" and that it is "super fun" and "satisfying." If you like this puzzle, you may also enjoy Mars.

22 1000 piece puzzle, Pixels, from Cloudberries


Cloudberries, 1000 pieces

A gradient type puzzle that looks deceptively "mind numbingly difficult", but in reality "not too difficult." Fans laud the colors and how enjoyable the puzzle is.

21 Ravensburger, Most Everyone Is Mad, 1000pcs

Most Everyone Is Mad

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Features a whimsical and groovy illustration of Alice in Wonderland. Fans believe the puzzle is "cool", "amazing" and "nice." Average difficulty rating.

20 Clementoni, The Great Wave, 1000pcs

The Great Wave

Clementoni, 1000 pieces

Art masterpiece by Hokusai. Fans indicate the puzzle is "tough, but fun." Supposedly the sky is the most challenging part. Eurographics, Flame Tree, and Piatnik are other brands that offer this masterpiece.

19 Ravensburger, The Bizarre Bookshop No. 2, 1000pcs

The Bizarre Bookshop No. 2

Ravensburger, 1000 pieces

Illustrated by Colin Thompson. Fans proclaim that puzzle is "cute" , "quirky" and "very detailed." Several fans enjoy the pun-tiful book titles, such as To Grill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Pies, etc.

18 Aquarius, Marauder's Map, 1000pcs

Marauder’s Map

Aquarius, 1000 pieces

Harry Potter fans will quickly notice what the Marauder’s Map is about. Most fans say the puzzle is "worth it" even though very challenging. The maroon edges are the most challenging and frustrating part.

17 Houseplant Jungle, Galison, 1000 pcs

Houseplant Jungle

Galison, 1000 pieces

Fans mention it is "gorgeous" and "total eye candy." Other fans note that it is hard to get started, but once in the grove, the puzzle becomes super satisfying. Includes an insert that names all the plants.

16 Jonathan Adler Lips, Galison, 1000 pcs

Jonathan Adler Lips

Galison, 750 pieces

Fans express that this puzzle is "super cool" and has a Great Gatsby feel, especially with the gold outlines. However, they advise that it is very difficult because of irregular shaped pieces.

15 Ravensburger, Memorable Disney Moments, 43,200pcs

Memorable Disney Moments

Ravensburger, 40,3200 pieces

Massive! Measures 22.4 x 6.3 ft (6.8 x 1.92 m) when assembled. Consists of ten different 4,032 piece puzzles. Brave fans mix all ten bags together versus solving one bag at a time. Fans hail how "awesome" and "impressive" it is.

14 Cobble Hill, Rainbow, 2000pcs


Cobble Hill, 2000 pieces

Massive! Measures 22.4 x 6.3 ft (6.8 x 1.92 m) when assembled. Consists of ten different 4,032 piece puzzles. Brave fans mix all ten bags together versus solving one bag at a time. Fans hail how "awesome" and "impressive" it is.

13 Ravensburger, Sistine Chapel, 5000pcs

Sistine Chapel

Ravensburger, 5000 pieces

Fans feel "inspired" and "overwhelmed" by the puzzle. Most fans complete it in less than time than it took Michelangelo to finish the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling. Recommendation is to sort and assemble the column and line pieces first.

12 Ravensburger, Bombardment of Algiers, 9000pcs

Bombardment of Algiers

Ravensburger, 9000 pieces

Monstrous puzzle that requires commitment, patience and focus. Fans exalt it as "daunting", "impressive", and "amazing." Comes in two pouches. Try mixing the two bags together for days of sorting. Measures 76 x 54 inches (193 x 137cm) assembled.

11 Ravensburger, Tower of Babel, 5000pcs

The Tower of Babel

Ravensburger, 5000 pieces

To complete this epic puzzle, one will need to reach out to the heavens for inspiration and persistence. Fans commend puzzle as "babelicious" and "tremendous." Ensure you have suitable working space before undertaking this puzzle. Measures 60 x 40 inches (152 x 102 cm) assembled.

10 Blazing With Color, 1000pcs

Blazing With Color

Various, 1000 pieces

Spectacular round puzzle with "mesmerizing" color wheel pattern. Reportedly, super easy and fast to solve. Available from various Asian brands.

9 750 pieces, Rainbow Hand by Jonathan Adler, from Galison

Rainbow Hands

Galison, 750 pieces

Artwork by Jonathan Adler. Features an uniquely shape rainbow spouting from a hand. Pieces’ irregular cut makes puzzle harder to solve. Fans acclaim puzzle as "beautiful" and "brilliant." However, some warn that quality is subpar.

8 Galison, Now House Vertigo, 1000pcs

Now House Vertigo

Galison, 1000 pieces

Design by Jonathan Adler. Fans "love" the bold colors and rave about the great gratifications they feel with this puzzle. Surprisingly, a relatively simple and quick puzzle to solve.

7 Galison, Naranjas, 1000pcs


Galison, 1000 pieces

Gorgeous and beautiful to feast your eyes on. However, deceptively challenging due to oranges and wings looking similar to each other. Fans note puzzle has "great colors" and "mid-century vibe."

6 Cloudberries, Gradient, 1000 and 2000pcs


Cloudberries, 1000 and 2000 pieces

Fans admire how puzzle is "insanely pretty", "therapeutic" and a "piece of art." Bright rainbow gradient that seems difficult, but in reality less difficult than expected. Also available in 2000 pieces for greater challenge.

5 Ravensburger, One Dot at a Time, 1000pcs

One Dot at a Time

Ravensburger, 1500 pieces

This puzzle combines beauty and difficulty into a single masterpiece that makes it a top five puzzle of 2020. Fans applaud the puzzle’s beauty as "absolutely stunning" and difficulty as "worth the challenge."

4 ravensburger krypt series

Krypt (Black, Silver, Gold)

Ravensburger, 736, 654 and 631 pieces

Series consist of three different puzzles. Each puzzle has its own unique pattern and consist only of one color: black, silver, or gold. All three puzzles are very popular because of their difficulty. An answer sheet is provided, but foolhardy fans ignore it. 

3 Buffalo Games, Color Challenge, 1000pcs

Color Challenge

Buffalo Games, 1000 pieces

Favorite among many for the rich, vibrant colors. Fans extol it as "fantastic" and "hair pulling." Orange and red are the most challenging as there are lots of those pieces.

2 1000pcs, The Lines, Bgraamiens

The Lines

Bgraamiens, 1000 pieces

This puzzle is the definition of insanity. Just thin straight black lines on a white field. Fans suggest it as "madness", "crazy", and "torture." Extremely challenging! However, clues are provided on the back of the pieces if help is needed.

1 Clemens Habicht, 5000 Colours, 5000pcs

5000 Colours

Clemens Habicht, 5000 pieces

The most popular jigsaw puzzle of 2020 so far. Probably, the largest gradient style puzzle, measuring 6.5 x 2.5 ft ( 2 x 0.8 m). Fans describe it as a "monster", "nightmare" and "incredible." Several fans mention that the dark/black gradient is the most difficult part.

Due to the pandemic, puzzles have become more popular. Therefore, new puzzles you want may be in short supply. An alternative is to check for used puzzles on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace. Lastly, exchanging puzzles on r/jigsawpuzzles subreddit or Nextdoor is another option.

Notably, key highlights of what we discovered in the analysis:

  • Identified over 5000 different puzzles.
  • More than 120 different puzzle brands.
  • Most of the best puzzles have brilliant colors, amazing illustration, and high difficulty level.
  • Some of the popular puzzles focused solely on extreme difficulty.

Firstly, we mined all submissions posted on the subreddit r/jigsawpuzzles from start of January 1, 2020 to end of November 30, 2020 at GMT time . Secondly, we discarded duplicate submissions. Third, we only counted submissions with an identifiable brand, title, and number of pieces. In addition, each puzzle needs to have at least three submissions during the time frame to qualify. Rank is based on the aggregated vote total for all counted posts of qualified puzzles.

Last Updated: December 6, 2020

The 30 Best Jigsaw Puzzles of 2020 (so far)
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