• Features a family portrait of colorful cats.
  • All the cats have distinctive colors and patterns.
  • Challenging jigsaw puzzle to solve.
Colorful portrait of a cat family reunion
Cat Family Reunion | Ravensburger 1000pc

Title: Cat Family Reunion
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Laura Seeley
Size: 27in x 20in or 70cm x 50cm
Company: Ravensburger
Year Printed: 2017

The illustration for Cat Family Reunion is very mesmerizing as it is a family portrait of colorful cats. There are more than thirty cats and each one of them look different from one another. They all have colorful and unique patterns and clothing. The cats seem to be one happy family and enjoying themselves. However, it was difficult to tell which cats were part of the oldest generation, such as grandparents, or the youngest generation, such as the kids. The illustration reminds me of my own family reunion. Our last one occurred a few years ago. My sister and I had a lot of fun playing with our cousins. For that reunion, we all wore a white top to match each other for the family portrait. We were suppose to have another family reunion this year. However, due to the pandemic, it got cancelled.

Sorting strategy and time lapse video of Cat Family Reunion

Our sorting strategy was really simple. We sorted and built the border first. Next, we sorted the individual cats. Each cat had distinctive patterns and colors, with a handful somewhat similar but with small details that were different. We sorted the more easily recognizable cats first, such as ones colored green, light blue, purple and green. However, it got tiresome to sort all thirty plus cats. We left most of the cats in an unsorted pile and hunted for specific ones.


The puzzle was definitely a challenge to solve. The hardest part was trying to find the right matching pair of eyes. There were so many cat eyes and they looked similar to each other. It took three puzzlers a little over four hours and forty five minutes (4:45:36) to complete the puzzle. Most likely, if we had stuck to our sorting strategy, we probably could have shaved off at least ten minutes. Nevertheless, it was just fun to solve the puzzle with my family at a leisurely pace.

If you really enjoy cats, then I highly recommend the Cats Collection from Buffalo Games. While those jigsaw puzzles are 750pc, the illustrations are very enjoyable. Lastly, this is the 60th puzzle from the 87 puzzle collection. Leave us a comment, if there are any other 1000 piece cat jigsaw puzzles that you would want us to review or if you have solved this puzzle and what did you think about it.

Cat Family Reunion, Gather Around For a Colorful Portrait
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