Today’s puzzle review is for Buffalo Games Night & Day Collection 1000 piece puzzle, Life’s a Beach. We picked this puzzle, because it is summer time and one of our favorite things in the summer is to visit the beach. Also, the theme for the Night and Day Collection consist of scenes split between night and day. This is our seventh puzzle from the massive 87 puzzle collection. Watch Hana and Chloe’s review of Life’s a Beach.

Title: Life’s a Beach, Night & Day Collection
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Lars Stewart
Size: 27in x 20in or 68cm x 50cm
Company: Buffalo Games
Year Printed: ?


The puzzle’s illustration is filled with beach and ocean side imagery, such as lighthouse, beach pagoda, palm trees, beach umbrella, rainbow, sunset, full moon, and dolphins. The picture is definitely playful and free spirited and stretches the imagination. For example, the beach campfire is so close to the water, you wonder if the waves will soon extinguish it.

Buffalo Games Night & Day Collection 1000 piece puzzle, Life's a Beach
Life’s a Beach, Buffalo Games Night & Day Collection 1000pc puzzle

Buffalo jigsaws are of high quality. Good interlocking pieces that snap together well and made of gray chipboard. It is possible to gingerly lifted up the entire puzzle, but loose enough that it’ll come part easily. The puzzle’s illustration is printed on matte paper. Buffalo Games includes a poster insert in their puzzle, which is a great for groups of people working together on a puzzle.


The puzzle is a standard rectangular shaped 1000 piece puzzle. However, the illustration is not as challenging as there are more distinctive patterns than repetitive non-linear patterns. The pagoda’s thatch roof is potentially difficult, but the animals on it allow for visual clues to help solve the area. The hardest portion is probably the waves on the night side of the puzzle.


The strategy was to find the border pieces first, then the main distinctive areas, such as the lighthouse, beach chairs and umbrella, moon, sky, palm trees, and pagoda. Our next step was to build the puzzle with the sorted pieces first, then to re-sort the remaining puzzle pieces as we go. We ended up doing the border, moon, lighthouse, pagoda thatch roof and beach chairs first. In the end, it took three hours and forty six minutes to solve the puzzle.

If there are other Buffalo Games Night and Day collection puzzles that you want us to review, then leave us a comment.

Buffalo Games Night & Day Collection | Life’s a Beach
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