• In medical context, most likely not. In the emotional sense, more than likely.
  • Illustration could potentially pass as Doctor Who’s library in the Tardis.
  • An average 1000 piece puzzle, but surprisingly challenging.
The Imaginarium is a surprisingly challenging 1000 piece puzzle from White Mountain.
The Imaginarium | White Mountain 1000pc

Title: The Imaginarium
Pieces: 1000
Artist: John Enright
Size: 30in x 24in or 76cm x 61cm
Company: White Mountain
Year Printed: 2018

If you were expecting a quick and easy puzzle, then The Imaginarium may lead to wild mood swings and frustration. However, if you have ample patience and expecting a challenge, then this puzzle could be quite gratifying that leads to euphoria at the end. Wikipedia defines imaginarium as a place devoted to imagination. The illustration could be a good representation of what Doctor Who’s library in the Tardis may look like. The artist also used a good balance of split-contemporary colors: blue, orange, and green. Personally, I prefer a solarium with lush plants to help facilitate imagination, like the Flower Shoppe.


The Imaginarium sorting strategy and time lapse build.

Our sorting strategy prioritized on areas with large distinctive patterns, such as the the large arched window and the border. The next sort was focused on small distinctive patterns, such as the word “Imaginarium”, photos, comics, and green objects . The remaining pieces consisted of smaller distinctive pieces and large repetitive patterns, such as the book shelf, books, and blue background. Those pieces were left in its own unsorted pile and hunted through when looking for specific details.


The puzzle was very challenging to solve, because of the large swath of repetitive patterns. This required a “Where is Waldo” methodology of hunting for a specific piece in a large pile of unsorted pieces., which takes more time. The hardest part was probably the books and bookshelf, because most of the pieces looked similar to each other. The easiest part was the arched window, because of the unique pattern. Overall, took four puzzlers almost six hours and forty five minutes (6:41:26) to complete the puzzle while referencing the illustration.

Finally, this is the 63rd puzzle from the 87 puzzle collection, almost three quarters finished. Leave us a comment, if there are any other 1000 piece imaginative puzzles that you would want us to review.

Does Imaginarium Have a Strong Risk for Excited Delirium?
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