Venice la Dolce Vita is a 1000 piece Jumbo jigsaw puzzle with an illustration of a Venetian cafe. The puzzle is part of Jumbo’s Wanderlust Collection. This is our first Jumbo jigsaw puzzle and the sixth from the huge 87 puzzle collection. Watch Hana and Chloe review of the Venice la Dolce Vita puzzle, which includes time lapse of the build.

Title: Venice la Dolce Vita
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Kozak & Verduijn
Size: 27in x 19in or 68cm x 49cm
Company: Jumbo
Year Printed: 2018


We picked this puzzle as we were interested in trying out a Jumbo jigsaw puzzle and this was a fun image of an elegant cafe. “La dolce vita” is Italian for “the sweet life” and the illustration shows the finer things in life, such as a luxury boat and a delectable spread of food and drinks in a luxurious cafe. The deserts look really yummy.

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle, Venice La Dolce Vitta, 1000pc jigsaw puzzle
Finished Jumbo jigsaw puzzle, Venice La Dolce Vitta, 1000 piece. Wanderlust Collection


Jumbo jigsaw puzzle are of very high quality. The puzzle pieces are thick and made of pale blue chipboard. The interlocking is a bit tighter than Ravensburger. The illustration is printed on linen paper. Watch Chloe lift the puzzle up to demonstrate the strong interlocking. The puzzle does not include a poster insert, so the box cover is the only reference picture available.


The puzzle is standard rectangular shaped 1000 piece puzzle. However, the illustration makes the puzzle a bit more challenging as there are more distinctive patterns than repetitive. However, the distinctive patterns are smaller, so there are more of them, such as the deserts, buildings. Therefore, sorting will take longer. The main repetitive patterns are the palm plants, arches, and chandelier.


Our strategy was to find the border pieces first, then the main patterns, such as the ceiling, arches, walls, water, and buildings. Next was to build the puzzle with what was sorted first, then to sort the remaining puzzle pieces. We ended up doing the ceiling and arches first. In the end, it took the three of us four hours and fifteen minutes to complete the puzzle.

If there are other Jumbo jigsaw puzzles that you want us to review, then leave us a comment.

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle | Venice la Dolce Vita
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