• Gelini are gummy bear characters with their own unique personality.
  • Playing a classic Ravensburger game, called Malefiz (Barricade).
  • Moderately challenging puzzle, good for a game night.
Game Night with Gelini bears playing Malefiz
Game Night with Gelini | Ravensburger 1000pc

Title: Game Night with Gelini
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Jorg Zahradnicek
Size: 27in x 20in or 70cm x 50cm
Company: Ravensburger
Year Printed: 2017

When we first saw this puzzle, we were not sure what the subject matter was about. Upon further research, we discovered that Gelini are gummy bear characters with their own distinct personality created by Jorg Zahradnicek. Most of the information uncovered were are in German. For example, here is a video introducing some of the Gelini bears.

Specifically for Game Night with Gelini, there are eight Gelini bears playing a classic Ravensburger game, called Malefiz or Barricade. The game was first produced by Ravensburger back in 1960. The objective of Malefiz is to get your piece to the top of the board before the other players. In the puzzle illustrations, all of the Gelini bears are involved in the game.

Time lapse video of Game Night with Gelini

Strategy for the solving the puzzle was to first sort for the following groups: edge pieces, Gelini bears, Malefiz box, the game board, and the wooden background. Overall, the pieces were easy to sort as most of the bears had similar shape and different colors. The color of the game box, game board, and wooden table contrasted greatly from each group, which also made sorting easier. After sorting, the focus was on assembling.


Overall, the puzzle was moderately challenging and was completed in three hours and twenty three minutes (03:23:05) by three puzzlers. The more difficult parts had Gelini bears with similar colors. In addition, the game board’s pattern was repetitive and covered about half of the puzzle, which made it slightly challenging.

Lastly, Game Night with Gelini is our 35th puzzle from our 87 puzzle collection. Leave us a comment if there are any other Gelini themed jigsaw puzzle that you would want us to review.

What the heck is Gelini and what game are they playing?
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