We really liked the picture for Charles Wyscocki puzzle, Honey Pumpkin Valley. There are plenty of visual clues available to help solve the puzzle. Overall, Honey Pumpkin Valley is a fun puzzle and much easier to complete than our first Charles Wysocki puzzle, Country Gardens.

Time lapse video of Charles Wysocki Puzzle, Honey Pumpkin Valley

Title: Honey Pumpkin Valley
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Charles Wysocki
Company: Milton Bradley
Year Printed: 2005

Charles Wysocki’s puzzle, Honey Pumpkin Valley

Picture depicts autumn time in Honey Pumpkin Valley with a steam locomotive, watermill, several white buildings, numerous apple trees, swans in a pond, and of course pumpkins. As with other Charles Wysocki’s Americana picture, there is an American flag and horse buggies in the picture.


The puzzle pieces are thin, have a loose interlocking fit, and can easily come apart. There was also a lot of puzzle dust. The chipboard is of lower quality. No picture insert provided and image on puzzle box was the only visual reference. Unfortunately, the image’s upper right hand corner was covered by lettering.


The puzzle is that of a standard rectangular shape. Our initial sort of the pieces were for edges and distinctive areas of the image, such as the train, pumpkin patch, lake w/ swan, apple tree, buildings, fences, background, and misc. Not too difficult as there were ample visual clues. However, the apple trees were the most difficult part.

Overall, a fun puzzle to put together. Please, leave a comment if there is a specific Charles Wysocki puzzle that you would like us to review.

Charles Wysocki Puzzle | Honey Pumpkin Valley
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