• Verdant, lush, and cheerful.
  • Features hummingbirds feeding on trumpet flowers.
  • Gradient background makes puzzle very challenging.
Summer Hummer, 1000pc puzzle from Sunsout is gorgeous, but very challenging.
Summer Hummer | SunsOut 1000pc

Title: Summer Hummer
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Spencer Williams
Size: 26in x 26in or 66cm x 66cm
Brand: SunsOut
Year Released: 2016

Summer Hummer is our first SunsOut puzzle. We got it as a birthday present from friends that noticed the same type of trumpet flowers growing along our fence. In late spring and early summer, our fence is blooming with red and orange trumpet flowers as shown in the puzzle’s illustration. On occasions, we do spot hummingbirds flying by to feed on the flowers. Fun fact, did you know that a hummingbird nest is about the size of a golf ball. The female hummingbird usually decides what materials to make the nest of out, typically from plants, spider silk and sometimes animal bones.

SunsOut’s quality is alright, but not as good as Ravensburger or Buffalo Games. For example, for a brand new puzzle, some of the pieces (especially with tips) had layers that started to separate. However, some of the pieces were irregular shapes, which made it more challenging to figure out where it fit. The interlocking was good. Most of the pieces stayed together even when moved, probably better than Buffalo Games. In addition, Summer Hummer is a square shaped puzzle.

Time lapse build and sorting strategy for Summer Hummer from Sunsout, 1000pc.

The puzzle was fairly straight forward to sort. The main recognizable patterns were the trumpet flowers, humming bird, leaves, border and background. My mom and I worked mostly on the puzzle, while my sister helped out occasionally. Mainly, I focused on the the trumpet flowers and most of the background. My mom assembled the hummingbirds and part of the background.


As expected, this puzzle was very challenging, because the background was a gradient of purple, pink, and green. It was hard to determine where the gradient colored piece fitted. We did a lot of trial and error to figure it out. The border, trumpet flower, and hummingbirds were the easier parts. While, the gradient background and leaves were harder. In total, it took three puzzlers almost six hours (5:55:14) to complete the puzzle. I recommend it and worth the challenge.

Lastly, we’ve been slowly and consistently reviewing the puzzles in the 87 puzzle collection. There are twenty one more puzzles left to review in that collection. However, we decided to solve this puzzle first, because we really liked the illustration and that it was a birthday present. Leave us a comment of what you think of SunsOut brand or if there is any other SunsOut 1000 piece puzzles we should review.

Summer Hummer by SunsOut is Ridiculously Easy (Not)
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