Heye Happytown 1500 piece puzzle has a lot of great qualities, but one thing that it lacks is how easy it is to solve. Overall, Happytown puzzle is very challenging, time consuming and delightful to solve.

Heye Happytown, 1500pc jigsaw puzzle
Heye Happytown, challenging 1500pc puzzle

Title: Happytown
Pieces: 1500
Artist: Rita Berman
Size: 32in x 24in or 80cm x 60cm
Company: Heye
Year Printed: 2017


Happytown’s cartoon illustration is by Rita Berman and depicts a small, magical town next to a mountain and stream inhabited by animals. The animals are going about their daily lives. For example, several are driving cars, biking, walking, working, or playing. There is even a flying house similar to the one in Pixar’s Up, but with a hot air balloon. Overall, the illustration is very whimsical and delightful, which made solving the puzzle very enjoyable. We solved another similar puzzle, Wonderwoods, by Rita Berman last year.


Even though a 1500 piece puzzle only has 500 more pieces than a 1000 piece puzzle, it is inherently almost twice as hard as there are more pieces to sort and track. Our plan for solving the puzzle was to sort pieces by major areas of the puzzle, such as the border, sky, mountain, trees, and streams. We made fairly good progress on the sky, mountain, and forest. Unfortunately, the building probably accounted for 50% of the puzzle and was much harder to sort.


Overall, the puzzle took three of us and our immediate family, who were visiting us for the holidays, almost seven hours (06:59:22) to complete the puzzle. The hardest part of the puzzle was the buildings and animals in the town. The patterns are similar to each other, which made it difficult to sort. In addition, those pieces probably accounted for half of the puzzle pieces. While it was challenging, the puzzle was not frustrating as we enjoyed the illustration. So if you are looking for a challenging puzzle and enjoy cartoon type of illustrations, then we recommend Heye’s Happytown.

In final thoughts, Heye Happytown 1500 piece puzzle is the 27th puzzle from our 87 puzzle collection. Leave a comment if there are any other Heye 1500 piece puzzle that you would want us to review.

Heye Happytown 1500 Piece Puzzle
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3 thoughts on “Heye Happytown 1500 Piece Puzzle

  • February 20, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Hello Puzzle Twins,

    I am Rita and the Ilustrator of this puzzle (plus Wonderwoods).
    And today I found your wonderful video 🙂
    Nice to see that you all had fun while puzzling.
    Big thank you for that sweet review and your work!
    Best of luck for future puzzles and stay creative 😀

    Best wishes,

    • February 20, 2020 at 2:14 pm

      Wow! Thanks for leaving a comment. We really enjoy your illustrations, both Wonderwoods and Happytown. Both puzzles were challenging, but the illustration made it lots of fun and we solved them.


  • February 20, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    Nice ? ?


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