Woofit’s Sweet Shop 1000 piece is our first jigsaw puzzle from Gibson. The product’s quality is similar to other premium brands, such as Ravensburger. The puzzle was moderately challenging even with additional hands helping.

Completed Woofit's Sweet Shop 1000 piece puzzle
Completed 1000 Piece Gibson Jigsaw Puzzle, Woofit’s Sweet Shop

Title: Woofit’s Sweet Shop
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Linda Jane Smith
Size: 27in x 19in or 68cm x 49cm
Company: Gibson
Year Printed: ?


The theme for Woofit’s Sweet Shop is similar to Buffalo’s Cat Collection: Ice Cream Raiders. The illustration consist of dogs hanging out in a candy store with “pun-ful” names throughout the store. The color tone is pastel in nature, especially the wall. We really like the illustration as it was funny. Dog lovers will definitely enjoy this puzzle.

As for the puzzle’s quality, such as material and craftsmanship, Gibson’s puzzle is similar to other premium puzzles, such as Ravensburger. The pieces are of good thickness and is light blue in color. In addition, the puzzles snaps together easily and holds together well. There was also some puzzle dust, but not too much.


Our immediate family, who were visiting us for the holidays, helped us with the puzzle. The first step was to find all the border pieces and assemble the border. Next, we sorted wall pieces, such as the pink wall, shelves and posters. Afterwards, the counter top and items on it. The blue wood panels, floor, and dogs were last to be solved as they were the more difficult parts.

Time lapse video of Woofit’s Sweet Shop puzzle build

Overall, the puzzle was moderately challenging. The easiest part was the border and the pieces with words in them. The hardest parts were the dogs and blue wooden panel. It took us three hours (03:00:30) to complete the puzzle with several family members helping on and off.

Finally, Woofit’s Sweet Shop 1000 piece Gibson puzzle is the 28th puzzle from our 87 puzzle collection. Leave a comment if there are any other Gibson 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that you would want us to review.

Woofit’s Sweet Shop 1000 Piece Gibson
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