• Quaint room packed full of sewing supplies and tools.
  • Colorful fabrics and yarns adorn a wooden cabinet.
  • Very challenging puzzle due to abundance of repetitive patterns.
Sewing Room packed full of colorful fabrics, yarns, and string.
Sewing Room | Eurographics 1000pc

Title: Sewing Room
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Ciro Marchetti
Size: 27in x 19in or 68cm x 29cm
Company: Eurographics
Year Printed: ?

Solving the puzzle, Sewing Room, is very similar to learning how to sew. Both tasks requires an ample amount of patience, eye hand coordination, and an attention to detail. The illustration features a wooden cabinet packed full of colorful fabrics, yarns, strings, and ribbons. Also, an antique sewing machine is resting under an overhanging light along with a sleeping cat. Dresses and other sewing projects adorns the cabinet. Lastly, the puzzle’s color palette is heavily on the red spectrum.

Interestingly, Sewing Room is thematically similar to two previously reviewed puzzles, Seamstress Shop and The Sewing Shed.

Sorting strategy and time lapse build of Sewing Room.

Our primary sorting strategy was to focus on large distinctive patterns first, such as the borders, completed dresses, mannequin, antique sewing machine and red and green ribbons. The rest of the puzzles consisted of smaller distinctive areas and large repetitive sections. Unfortunately, we left those pieces in an unsorted pile. We hunt and picked through the pile when solving specific areas.


Overall, Sewing Room is the hardest 1000 piece Eurographics puzzle that we have solved so far. This is also our first non-collage Eurographics puzzles, so not necessarily an apples to apples comparison. Nevertheless, the numerous repetitive patterns, such as the wooden cabinet, made the puzzle very challenging to solve. In addition, the dark red color palette made sorting pieces more challenging. It took four puzzlers almost four hours and forty minutes (4:38:28) to solve the puzzle. Longer than the other two sewing themed puzzles.

If you are up for testing your patience and also like sewing, then this puzzle is for you. Lastly, this is the 48th puzzle that we’ve solved from our 87 puzzle collection. Leave us a comment if there are any other Eurographics 1000 piece puzzles that you would want us to review.

Sewing Room Needs Patience Just Like Sewing
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