London Tea Party is the last puzzle in Jumbo Wanderlust Collection that we have in our 87 puzzle collection. We enjoyed solving the previous puzzles in the Jumbo Wanderlust Collection, Bonjour Paris and Venice la Dolce Vita. Therefore, we thought that London Tea Party would be just as fun to solve. If keeping track, this is the twelfth puzzle from the 87 puzzle collection.


Thematically, London Tea Party is very similar to the other two Wanderlust puzzles. The illustration is from an inside out perspective. The viewer is inside the tea room looking out into London. The team room is decorated with luxurious furnishings and has an amazing spread of food. Similar to other Wanderlust puzzles, there are cats and dogs, flag of the country, balloon, landmarks, and plants.

Jumbo Wanderlust Collection, London Tea Party 1000pc
London Tea Party, 1000pc jigsaw puzzle in Jumbo’s Wanderlust Collection

Title: London Tea Party
Pieces: 1000
Artist: Kozak & Verduijn
Size: 27in x 19in or 68cm x 49cm
Company: Jumbo
Year Printed: 2018


Initially, we estimated that London Tea Party would have the same level of difficulty as the other Wanderlust Collection puzzles, because the illustrations are stylistically similar. Our plan was to sort for border pieces, the major distinctive patterns: ceiling, stain glass, London landmarks, and repetitive patterns: dark curtains, chandelier, and plants. However, London Tea Party was a bit more challenging, especially with food spread in the bottom half of the illustration. It is an busy area with different patterns.


London Tea Party felt harder than the other two Wanderlust puzzles. However, London took us 3 hours and 45 minutes in total time to complete the puzzle, which was six minutes more than Paris. The bottom half o the puzzle with the food spread felt more tedious. Overall, London is still a fun and challenging puzzle to solve. If you like traveling, London or tea time, then this puzzle is for you.


Jumbo puzzles are of premium quality. The illustration is printed on linen paper. The pieces are made of light blue chipboard. The puzzle interlocks well that it is possible to lift an assembled puzzle off a working surface. The puzzle dose not come with an insert, but the illustration on the box is large enough to make out the details.

If there are any other Jumbo puzzles that you would like for us to review, please leave us a comment.

Jumbo Wanderlust Collection | London Tea Party
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